Post Motor Vehicles Act Helps Delhi Traffic Violations Drop 66%

In the last one week, a lot of things have changed for motorists plying on Indian roads. With the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 coming into effect from September 1, the going has gotten difficult for those breaking traffic rules. From higher penalties for driving errors to imprisonment up to one month for racing and speeding; and up to six months for offences relating to accidents, the new Act is bringing back things in order by instilling fear.
The truck, having a Haryana registration number, was fined by an enforcement team of Transport Department on the GT Karnal Road. According to the data released by Delhi Police for the month of September in 2018 and 2019, the number of challans came down in many of the cases. Police issued 13,281 challans for over-speeding in September 2018 and 3,366 in the same month in 2019. Similarly, there were 15,261 challans issued for triple riding in 2018 which reduced to 1,853 in 2019. A total of 1,04,522 challans were issued for riding without helmet last year which decreased to 21,154 in 2019, the data stated.
Police issued 3,682 challans for drunken driving in September 2018 and 1,475 in September 2019. A total of 40,065 challans were issued in 2018 for not using seat belt which reduced to 6,445 in 2019, the data stated. However, there were instances of a rise in challans too as 5,120 were issued for driving without a licence in the month in 2018, while in 2019 the number was 11,529. Similarly, the number of challans for not having pollution certificate increased to 13,659 in 2019 as compared to 3,279 in 2018.

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