Impact Of Technology On Marketing

Big Data For marketers, data can be extremely useful. It can tell you more about your customers, your marketing campaigns and your businesses.
A recent study showed that 44% of marketers use insights from big data to improve responsiveness. Today’s technology makes it possible to know more about your customers than ever before. This means you can target ads more accurately to them and even create customized marketing plans for targeting them.
Marketers can also use data analytics to gather information on their campaigns. More thorough data means it’s easier to determine what works well and what doesn’t and redesign marketing plans accordingly.
Artificial Intelligence The various technologies available have the ability to collect more data than the human brain can even process. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in handy — to find useful patterns and insights in the numbers. Search engines also use AI to interpret search queries and bring up relevant results. This means marketers have to consider AI when optimizing their content for search engines.
The Internet of Things The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the growing collection of internet-connected devices, which nowadays can be anything from cars to refrigerators to lawn mowers. Whenever people use IoT devices, it creates the potential for marketers to gather information about their habits, likes and dislikes. And the more connected devices someone has, the more potential ways for marketers to reach people. For example, if someone was shopping for a new pair of shoes on their laptop, they could get an ad on their smart watch about a shoe sale while they’re in the mall.
Augmented Reality Chances are, you’ve heard about the recent Pokémon Go phenomenon. If not, you’ve probably noticed more people than usual walking around seemingly aimlessly while staring at their phones. Pokémon Go represents probably the most successful iteration of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality refers to technology that combines the real world with a virtual one by superimposing the virtual onto someone’s real-life surroundings. A few companies have taken the leap and incorporated this technology in their marketing.
The Cloud The cloud can help marketers to manage content, organize data and collaborate on projects — all from anywhere in the world. Marketers can create campaigns that stretch across multiple channels from various social media sites to search engines to blogs. Especially when multiple employees are working on one account, this can get confusing. The cloud allows them to keep everything in one place, so they can roll out a cohesive marketing campaign. Cloud technology is also quite useful when multiple people are working on the same project even if they’re in different locations.
CRM marketing will allow the organizations to get access to the behavioral activities of the social platforms to increase their information about their customers. In this way organizations can divide their customers on the basis of their behaviors, interests and attitude irrespective of their age group and location. This type of information will enable the organizations to communicate or send messages to their customers on the basis of their interests, attitudes and behaviors instead of their demographic location. Thus the data received from social platforms will be integrated with the information existing with the CRM tools of the organization to become the part of its actual CRM instead of dividing various types of customers. This overlaying of the information received from marketing platforms on the existing information with the organizations will provide them more personalized information about their customers. Thus CRM marketing will enable companies to send more personalized messages to the interesting segments of the customers. For instance VIP treatment can be given to prestigious customers whereas people with negative attitude can be treated sympathetically to attract them towards company’s products and services.

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