Hello all,

I am here to share you all about an attraction in Akshardam, one of the tourist place in Delhi, Capital of India.

Akshardam is a temple of Swami Narayana built in the banks of yamuna river in Delhi. It is built in a vast area of 90 acres. Here the main attraction is the ‘Sahaj Anand Water Show‘.

This water show included Laser lighting on a wide lotus shaped controlled water fountain, with colours, music and synched with a moral story played by four kids with some scenes portrayed on a big wide sccreen well synchronied in all aspects.

It lasted for 25 minutes and its worth watching. I really felt very peaceful and the show is extraordinary.

I went 5 times in this month to watch this water show alone.

The temple includes wide garden, one swami Narayana temple, one food court, vast parking area and delicious refreshments.

Various other exhibitions portraying the life of Swami Narayana is available in the form of boat ride and a movie of about 50 min.

If got time please visit this place and get some positive thought and some heartful happiness.

Entry to temple is free, Monday holiday. Metro station available named Akshardam.


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